bottle leavesBased in Cape Town, Herbacure was started by Allison le Roux and it is not just about health products, it is about individual health improvement. People need to be continuously striving for good health, as chronic and degenerative illnesses are on the rise. There has been great advances in medical treatment and cures for many chronic diseases, but people are still getting sick and at younger ages. Allergies are almost an epidemic. Conventional medical treatment provides symptomatic relief and antibiotics aid the treatment of infection. But Herbs have a lot to offer in supportive function and in strengthening the body and so the two can work together.
microscopeA  big step forward in assisting health is by analysing the blood, not in the usual pathological way. At To Your Health in Kenilworth centre, Live blood Analysis is offered, here we view a drop of blood as it is flows in your body and many clues and symptoms are explained by viewing the blood, by having a Live Blood Analysis. Our blood comes into contact with every living cell in the body, carrying vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transporting wastes away from the cells. If we understand why the blood is sick we can then understand why other cells in the body are sick and if we are able to improve the quality and health of the blood we will be able to improve the quality of almost every cell in the body.

girlThe Herbacure product range, may assist with many health conditions and in particular the Super Nutri greens has been designed to assist with upgrading the health of the blood and thereby improving cellular health . The aim of this site is to provide more information on  understanding why we get sick and what we can do to improve our health. Being based in Cape town, our services are offered to the cape town market,  but anyone and everyone can derive value from the information provided on understanding exposure to  toxins, acidity, addressing immunity, listening to our health shows and signing up for our health news. It is really all about creating awareness and teaching people how to improve their health thereby improving their quality of life.



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