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bottleHerbacure Parasite remedy
We come into contact with parasites all the time, the state of our immune system and acid/alkaline level of our blood will determine how bad the “infestation” of parasites can be.
Para Clear has been blended to remove the parasites as well as supporting im-munity and general well being. The Blend contains: Pau d’arco, Olive leaf, Black walnut, Thyme and Chickweed. New research suggests one should take an anti parasite remedy for a minimum of 3months. We usually recommend that you alternate the Para clear with Olive leaf monthly, 30 drops are taken at night and probiotics should also be taken daily.

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stetoscopeTreatment plans drawn up for specific female health problems
Many women experience a variety of hormonal problems: ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility.
Consultations/assessments  with Allison le Roux cost R250
Appointments must be booked in advance
Contact: 021 671 2469/70
A complete treatment plan is drawn up indicating herbal supplements and nutrients required. Eating plans and other information are included
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