bowls-herbsHerbacure started in 1996 by myself, Allison le Roux, it was during studies in natural medicine, I was doing an internship on product manufacturing in Durban, that an opportunity arose, and I could start my own range. At that time there was a huge shift in awareness of nature and natural supplements for better, different health solutions. “Let food be thy medicine” … the famous Hippocrates quote, was and is the basis of Herbacure, providing plant(food) extracts to assist with many health problems, the benefit today is that we have so much more research available on herbal and plant extracts and  in no way are we replacing modern medicine, the two can very easily work together, we are just providing more options to assist with health problems.
symbolI completed studies in Durban and moved back to Cape town in 1998, I was very fortunate to start a practice and be featured on a radio show introducing healthy alternatives to so many issues, in particular, I focused on female health issues at that time, Menopause and female gynaecological problems were my forte. As I noticed a big demand for natural health products in that area.
In 2006, I stepped into the shadows, I was dealing with the deaths of close family to cancer as well as being diagnosed with CFS, I started my battle and overcame the worst of it and the benefit from that was, I had clear goals, a desire arose to want to help and educate people on how to help improve their health, and especially help people understand why they get sick. Everyone can benefit from learning and being reminded of a few basic things: no-one is super healthy and 100% lettersimmune from any disease or disorder. We are all aging and we are all exposed to the same environmental changes of pollution, and toxins from all around us, poor food quality and high intake of many “junk foods”, high stresses.  Besides chronic illness and degenerative diseases, allergies, lowered immunity, blood pressure problems, low energy are day to day issues I see continuously.
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go into the Live blood Analysis programme in 2009, I  have been very blessed by the opportunities that have arose and have lead me on my current path.

From 2010 I joined forces with To Your health to offer Live Blood analysis evaluations, I am fortunate enough to be on a local radio station to provide information on various health issues. The live blood analysis is now my   “teaching tool”,   I  look at the health of the blood and show people what they need to do to improve their blood and health and I developed my product Super Nutri greens to support plantmy focus  and so what I am about now is: how we can improve our health at a cellular level and that is the best way to  describe the focus of Herbacure: Optimising our health at a cellular level!
It is my sincere wish that everyone reading through my website will focus on awareness of where and how we go wrong, with regard to our health, and adopt healthier habits and choices going forward, to work on optimising your health and that of your family.
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